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"See you tomorrow night!" I ended the conversation.Saturday night at 6.30 pm, I arrived at their flat, carrying a large bottle of wine. I rang the door bell and waited, it seemed ages before anyone answered the door and then it was Emma wrapped in a bath towel."OH hi, Ray or should that be HMV?" she said"I take it Eleanor has told you her new nick name for me then" I smiled."OH yes and very apt if I may say so!" she replied. I squeezed past her as she closed the door. In the living room sat. I watched her eyes roll back as his cock filled her. She was moving her hips in a circular motion to allow him to get all of his cock deep inside of her pussy. Being underwater I couldn't see much but from her facial expressions and increasing moans I knew she was cuming over and over. They were splashing water out like we were experiencing an earthquake.Watching them go at it was making me so very hard that I began stroking my own manhood. I was wishing I could see more when all of a sudden,. Iske baad koi reply nahi aaya, mene socha kela ho gaya.Fir thodi der baad mene khud hee bata diya.Me:- mami, mein hun!Mami:- are tum,kese ho tum.Me:- mein theek hun, aap bataiye.Mami:- mein bhi theek hun.Me:- aap kab aoge hamare yahan..??Mami:- bacho ka school hai, jab holidays hongi tab mein aa jaongi.Mene socha ab time waste mat karo, seedha mudde pe aao.Me:- mami, mujhe kuch bolna tha.Mami:- haan beta, boloMe:- i’m sorry for that day, aap pta nhi kya soch rhe hoge mere baare mein.Mami:- koi. Don'tever forget that, or doubt it, not for one second." I won't," I say, linking my hand with Sarah's when it briefly becomesfree. "Girl love forever!" We arrive back at Sarah's home shortlyafterward, where we spend the rest of the evening watching televisionbefore heading to bed. I sigh happily as Sarah helps me free myself frommy playsuit, though my expectations of a night of passion are thwartedwhen Sarah once again snuggles up under the bed sheets before we getanywhere near each other's.
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