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Lindy performed her solo piece again. She would repeat it at the end of Saturday's performance, while Sunday, the pas de deux with Samantha and Barnaby, though equally if not more well received, seemed to have the air of completion to it. It just didn't seem appropriate to follow it with anything.Friday night became a repeat of the earlier orgy of the Dutch trio and my wives, sans Eva, who had a meeting with her sister angels and Simon. Late and mysterious, I didn't want to know anything about. Turning to face away I reach down grip the waist of my skirt pushing it down slowly to fall to the floor revealing my bare ass. Stepping out of the puddle my skirt has created on the floor I slip off my shirt freeing my bare breasts. Turning back to show you my freshly shaven pussy I see a pleased look in your eyes. My boldness always seems to please you. Slipping a finger between my already soaked folds I bring it to the light. "Look how wet I am for you." my voice husky with need. Bringing my. with an occasional chat with Dee to break up themonotony. Wednesday came and right before my shift was coming to an endI got a text from Jess--Jess: Still up for it?Dre: YeahJess: Sure??Dre: Yes lol, you have something planned?Jess: Maybe ;-pDre: Will I be in trouble?Jess: We'll see.... we might push some boundaries and try some new thingstonightDre: Uh ohJess: Will you be over soon?Dre: Yeah I'm off in 30 minJess: k, bring the nice black dress we bought and a change of. I told please not hate me but I want to have sex with her. She was not angry but told in a upset tone how can I think like it and if anyone knows what will be our situation. I told none will know if she does not tell anyone as we are alone. She told no and don’t think like that and I requested again and again holding her hands.I knew she was afraid I will do something by force but when again and again I pleaded I felt she is getting comfortable with me as I am not making any advances. I.
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